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Perinatal Wellness


The LifeWrap is a low-cost device that dramatically reduces maternal death in devloping countries.

Purchase a LifeWrap for $170 or make a donation of $50 or more to the Safe Motherhood Program in honor of a mother. A beautiful card will be sent to your honoree.

Every year more than 500,000 girls and women die due to complications of pregnancy and childbirth.

99% of these deaths occur in developing countries. The majority are preventable.

The leading cause of these deaths is obstetric hemorrhage. Many women bleed to death before they get the care that they need.

Safe motherhood means ensuring that all women receive the care they need to be safe andhealthy throughout pregnancy and childbirth.




Prenatal Yoga

Celebrate the joyful spirit of pregnancy by learning essential practices to achieve your optimal birthing experience and relieve common discomforts of pregnancy. Classes offer gentle poses and breathwork to cultivate health and calmness in both the mother and child. Feel nourished in a supportive community of mothers-to-be.

Prenatal Yoga meets on Monday from 6:00-7:15pm & Thrusdays from 10-11:15am at Body in Balance, 348 University Avenue, Star City.

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Inner Life Yoga Studio

Inner Life Yoga Studio is a supportive environment for learning the ancient art and science of yoga and meditation, as ways of: understanding and letting go of the roots and effects of stress, and for uncovering natural health of body, mind and spirit.

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Local Fitness Centers & Fitness Resources

Lakeview Fitness Center

Located just a few steps from the resort's main building, the Lakeview Fitness Center is a world-class facility featuring the latest workout equipment, activity areas, and expert instruction. The bright and airy health club, enhanced by many windows looking out on the resort property, creates a stress-free environment where you can pursue your fitness goals any day of the week. And if you have young children, bring them along! Our on-site nursery, with friendly, well trained staff, will keep your little ones (no age restrictions) happy and busy until you're ready to leave.

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To find out if Curves is right for you, ask yourself these questions: Can you spend 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week, to improve your quality of life? Would you rather exercise in an environment designed especially for women? Would encouragement from other women help you reach your fitness goals? Have you tried or considered other fitness clubs and just never found one that felt right for you? Have you ever wished for a fitness program that was "doable" and fun? Are you ready to amaze yourself? If the answer is yes, click here to find a location nearest you.

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PRO Performance

A Sports Specific Training and Fitness Center-The goal at PRO Performance is to maximize your athletic performance. The emphasis is on a TOTAL training approach with individualized goals. PRO Performance combines the latest in science to offer an elite training experience. With mental, physical and sports specific training you will perform like a Pro.

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Ridgeview Racquet Club and Fitness Center

RidgeView Racquet Club features four indoor champhionship Deco Turf System cushioned courts. Climate controlled environment with lighting at a competitive level, and spectator viewing areas to watch and enjoy the competitive play. RidgeView also offers five outdoor lighted Har-Tru clay courts. In addition, the spacious Club House offers private locker rooms, a luxurious lobby and Player's Lounge for your relaxation. Play, relax and socialize in a pleasant and quiet environment.

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WVU Rec Center

There's a reason well over four million users have visited our Student Recreation Center—it's one of the best in the country! The modern 177,000 square-foot facility includes weight/fitness equipment, courts for basketball, volleyball, badminton, squash, and racquetball; six-lane fitness and leisure pools; an elevated jogging track; a whirlpool that seats 20; and an outdoor recreation center where you can rent ski, camping, and other equipment. The focal point of the facility is a 50-foot indoor climbing wall featuring more than 1,000 interchangeable hand-holds attached to 3,500 square feet of simulated rock surface. Beginners and climbers of all skill levels can challenge themselves, hone their skills, and keep in shape.

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Exercise can improve health and stamina in people of all ages.  Learning to use good form and the right combination of exercises can accelerate your results and keep you safe while achieving your goals.  Personal training offers guidance and education as you move forward in your exercise program.  Below you will find some options for how you might like to make use of personal training services to assist you in looking after your health and well-being.

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Dance Dance Revolution

Video games have long been associated with contributing to a sedentary lifestyle among young people. But that could soon change. At West Virginia University, a study is under way to determine whether the video game Dance, Dance Revolution, or DDR, may have positive health benefits on the children who play it. DDR is a fast-paced game in which participants perform dance moves as instructed on a video or television screen. Players dance on a mat with sensors that record their every move. They earn or lose points based on how well they perform the dance instructions. School of Physical Education Professor Linda Carson is leading the research.


DDR4W (Dance Dance Revolution for Women)

This fun class is for women of all ages and ability ages who would like to play Dance Dance Revolution in a relaxed social atmosphere. The class is one hour in length and will provide a basic introduction to DDR for those who are not familiar with it, while also providing game play for those already exercising with DDR. Other electronic games that promote physical activity will also be introduced. Join us for an evening of DDR play guaranteed to offer you new information, new exercise ideas, and new FUN! Thursdays 6-6:45 pm Room 132 Coliseum (First room on the right inside the blue gate of the Coliseum). This activity is free to the public and walk-ins are also accepted.


Alternative Medicine

Alternative Healing Center

We provide you a moment of time to heal, relax and gain balance in your life. We help guide you in breathing, slowing down, reflecting and being inspired through our massage, nutrition coaching and facials.

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Massage Therapists

Natural Touch

Massage is for everyone.  Whether you are a corporate executive, professional athlete, weekend warrior, or an overworked mom,  therapeutic massage will carry you away, then bring you back refreshed, energized, and ready to take on the world again.

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Somatic Wellness Massage Therapy

Somatic Wellness Massage Therapy is improving your body's ability to recover from poor posture and overcome stressed muscles by increasing flexibility through client education and massage. Massage results in increased mobility and range of motion. Our body has nearly 800 muscles that continually send the brain sensory information. Poor posture leads to stiff, tired and chronically stressed muscles that do not feel good. Somatic Wellness Massage focuses on these overworked muscles that are in a continually contracted state, reduces muscle tension, and relaxes contracted, shortened, hardened muscles. This is accomplished by rhythmically applied manual pressure, contracting and relaxing, and teaching intentional movements. Becoming aware of our bodies can help to reduce or eliminate chronic pain. Somatic Wellness Massage enhances wellness through body mind awareness. A healthier you begins today by scheduling a Somatic Wellness Massage.

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