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Research component  will encourage basic and clinical research directed at the health problems affecting West Virginia’s rural female population as well as applied research focused on rural health care delivery and aging in the rural setting.

A key component of our agenda will be research focused on identifying gender-related health issues and developing strategies to improve delivery of services and quality of care. By broadening the knowledge base of women’s health issues through gender-specific research, we can more thoroughly understand the causes of illness and develop evidence-based strategies for the prevention and treatment of diseases and conditions women face throughout their lives.

Research Resources
Gender specific cancer research:
  1. Frankenberry KA, Skinner H, Somasundar P, McFadden DW, Vona-Davis LC.  Leptin receptor expression and cell signaling in breast cancer. Int J Oncol. 2006 Apr;28(4):985-93.
  2. Riggs DR, Jackson BJ, Vona-Davis L, Nigam A, McFadden DW. In vitro effects of keyhole limpet hemocyanin in breast and pancreatic cancer in regards to cell growth, cytokine production, and apoptosis. Am J Surg. 2005 Jun;189(6):680-4
Grant Opportunities:
  • Medication Safety Research
  • CVS Grant: CVS/pharmacy Accepting Applications for Community Grants Grants are accepted beginning on January 1st and ending on October 31st. CVS/pharmacy ( ) supports the communities it serves by providing nonprofit organizations the opportunity to apply for a CVS/pharmacy Community Grant.

    The Community Grants program is currently accepting proposals for the following:

    1) Programs targeting children under the age of 18 with disabilities that address any of the following: health and rehabilitation services; public schools promoting a greater level of inclusion in student activities and extracurricular programs; and creating opportunities or facilities that give greater access to physical movement and play.

    2) Healthcare services for uninsured people. All CVS/pharmacy Community Grant applications must be submitted online between January and October of each calendar year. Visit the CVS/pharmacy Web site for complete program guidelines and to determine whether your program is eligible. RFP Link: Chrysanne Grund, Project DirectorGreeley County Health ServicesPO Box 97Sharon Springs, KS 67758785-821-1104 - phone

  • Loreal USA Fellowship for Women in Science
Internal Funding Opportunities
WVU Ob-Gyn Clinic
WVU Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility
WVU Health Sciences Research activities