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Letter from our Outreach Director


Happy Women's Health!

Some of you may have seen the recent Dear Abby column about the free US Food and Drug Administration's Office of Women's Health Women's Health Information Center that is available through the Federal Citizen Information Center.   This is not the same as the DHHS Office of Women's Health that the Center of Excellence at WVU works with.

I just went on line at and ordered it for myself.  You can only order 1 kit and it takes 6-8 weeks go come.  You can also call toll-free at 888-878-3256 from 8 am to 8 pm EDT and ask for the Health Information Kit or write to Health Information Kit, Pueblo, CO 81009.

This is what it includes:

Listing of all the publications included in this promotion

Allergies - Discusses the symptoms, tests, and treatments. Also provides a comparison chart to help you distinguish between allergy and cold symptoms.

Asthma - Explains the symptoms of asthma, its triggers, diagnosis, and treatment options.

Cholesterol: Medicines to Help You - Lists the brand and generic names of drugs that control cholesterol. Learn their side effects, who should not take them, and warning signs to notice.

Depression - Outlines the three main types of depression, causes, symptoms, and how to learn more.

Depression: Medicines to Help You -  Lists the brand and generic names of various antidepressants, Learn the side effects, who should not take them, and warning signs regarding harmful drug and food interactions.

Diabetes - Many people who have diabetes are unaware they have it. Learn more about diabetes, its risk factors, the warning signs of diabetes, and treatments available. 

Food Safety at Home -  Follow these four easy rules to prevent food-borne illness.

Heart Disease -  Heart disease is a leading cause of death in the U.S. Learn the signs of heart disease, including the "silent" symptoms, and get tips on how to lower your risk.

High Blood Pressure: Medicines to Help You -  Medication, along with healthy eating and exercise, can help lower your high blood pressure. Learn about the various drugs available, their potential side effects, and warning signs.

Listeria - You can get very sick from this germ that grows on ready-to-eat foods that are kept too long--even in the fridge. Lists foods to avoid and others that need special handling.

Mammography - A mammogram is a safe, low-dose x-ray of the breast. It is still the best tool we have to save lives by detecting breast cancer early.

Sleep Disorders -  Overview of four common sleep problems and treatment options.

Smoking: Medicines to Help You  -  Find out about products and medicines to help you quit smoking and read tips on creating a plan to stop smoking.

Strokes - Basic information on the three types of strokes, warning signs to watch out for, and how to lower your risk.

Sunscreens - Spending time in the sun is fun but can also cause sunburn, wrinkling, and skin aging. Find out how to enjoy the sun and protect yourself.

West Nile Virus -  Facts on how this virus is spread through mosquito bites, its symptoms, who is most at risk, and ways to protect yourself.

You can also go to the web site and print off the pamphlets for yourself.  Quantities are limited but please feel free to share the notice of this kit with anyone interested.